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Ok so I am starting the experiment with a lower concentration fluid because the crystals were not fully dissolved. However, it looks like it may still work for the time being. The crystal growth seems like it might be rapid enough for my purposes. Hopefully there is enough solute in there to go for a while.

I am trying to become disciplined and quit the apt search until Aaron and I get back from Colorado. I think it would be good for my psyche. So far I have been unable to keep myself from going to the websites but I am hoping with discipline I will be able to resist. If any of you see me trying to look up apartment listings slap me on the hand or something.

I wish that he was (were?) a planner too so that I could just ask him to do it, but he isn't, so until it seems like we it is absolutely necessary for us to look he probably won't. I don't fault him for it any more than he faults me for being psycho planning woman. Its just the way we are.

Its interesting trying to figure out why people are the way that they are. Two of my friends are of the opinion that I may be a highly functioning ADD person. Apparently I exhibit many of the patterns of behavior both ascribed to this disorder, and suggested as coping mechanisms for it.

I dunno. In any event, if I am, so far it hasn't really hurt me any. I am a little manic sometimes and have a difficult time working sometimes, but it really hasn't ruined my working life or my social relationships.

I am going dancing this weekend at Manray and to the Matrix afterward. It should be fun. I am going to get all gothed up and Aaron couldn't be more excited. I accused him of wanting to show me off, and he said "Is that bad?" I told him I guessed not.

I am a bit curious to see how the evening will go. I will be interacting with someone I haven't seen in a long time, and relations were very strained between the two of us for a while (to put it mildly). I am hoping that the two of us can have fun and find a way to interact socially comfortably. Here's hoping! I think it will work out just fine.

Sigh.... watching crystals grow. So fun. Its kinda like going to Six Flags, or seeing an Action - Adventure movie, except its even more thrilling.

I am going to dinner tonight with some friends and then tomorrow is boxing, hurrah. I skipped last week because I felt like ass, so I am excited for this week's class.

I am also very excited to go dancing because it will be the first time since my leg has gotten better.

Meeting Aaron's sister this weekend was cool. She is different than I expected, and though I can see similarities between the two of them I kinda expected her to be more like Aaron. I wonder what he will think of my family (parents). We are planning that I might go with him at Xmas to meet his mom. I think that will be really cool. She sounds like a really neat woman, and since I like both of her kids a lot, I imagine we will get on mahvelously.


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