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I have four nice things that either do not fit me right now, or won't fit me for much longer that I would like to sell.

I am going to include pictures and descriptions of these things behind the cuts.

Let me know if you are interested.

This is a lambskin coat with Thinsulate Ultra Lining. I wore it for a little while last year. It is in good condition. I spent $270 on it. I would like to get $150.

This is a unisex biker jacket with thinsulate lining. It is a still in pretty good condition. I would like to get $100 for it.

This is me wearing the bodice. It is a black suede with brocade like fabric for the blue part. The front has a stiff plate in it and boning around the sides. It laces up the back. The front and back dip down into V's. This is the most comfortable and most beautiful bodice I have ever owned/worn. Unfortunately it is now too big for me.

I am asking $40 for this since I got it for $80.

I also have a green standard bodice to sell for $15.

Finally I have a Double Breasted Anne Taylor suit. It has a skirt and pants to go with it. The jacket and pants are size 14P, the skirt is size 16. It is made of black knit jersey. The suit has been worn maybe 4 times. It is in excellent condition. I spent around $300 for the whole thing. I will take best offer on this one.

If you know anyone who might be interested in these clothes point them to this entry. I will make this one public viewable.
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