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Weekend was terrific. I really enjoyed Intercon C. I played in many cool LARPS including (Prawn the larp in a pool). I got to see some people that I have enjoyed Larping with in the past.

It was odd going to a con with
a) a boyfriend...
b) who was there...
c) that I don't see much anymore and wanted to spend time with
d) at a dry con with not many people whom i know (dry = no alcohol)

Usually the people I don't know thing is not a problem. I chat, I bond... but at this con it was more important to me to spend itme with him so I really did do less of that. I also got more sleep than every other con I have been to including APO (Alpha Phi Omega) and SWE (Society of Women Engineers) weird.

I enjoyed it but it was a very different experience. I am still getting used to short larps and trying to use these experiences to ask my st's for things I think would improve our chronicle one... I love to be helpful :)


I have been crashing a little more recently.

Recently both my boyfriend and my good friend and neighbor have noticed me acting less enthusiastic, looking pale, altogether behaving weirdly.

I know it weirds both of them out. Sugar crashes (when my blood sugar gets way too low) really weird me out too. Recently the ones I have had have been less bad. They have not been the kind where if someone doesn't give me something to eat soon I can't stand upright. I haven't been quite as dizzy or disoriented.

But I still have had many of these symptoms to a lesser degree.

I have been told that its very scary to see me go thorugh this.
I start off been fairly ok, often even energetic and then boom... I am no longer ok.

What I have actually noticed most is the mood swings I get. I will be sitting there and suddenly have the urge to bite someone's head off for no good reason. I wonder if this is why in highschool I was known to have such a bad temper. At these times I usually catch myself and quell it, then I get something to eat.

So for friends of me here is how this works...
If you see me like this please do the following:

1) say "Are you allright? You are looking kind of pale. Would you like to (fill in with... sit down, have something to drink, have something to eat, fuck... you know whatever is appropriate to the situation (ok am just kidding about the fucking if I could cure blood sugar that way I would be a happy happy woman)

2) give me hug and help me out with what I need

3) Do not freak out... I will not die and I will not need to go to the hospital, In these situations I just need a little TLC. I know all of you can provide this.

I hope that this helps my friends cope with this.

Data base is almost finished for cam stuff... YAY!!! I am so indebted to zsquirrelboy for his help.

I am trying to get missouri friends on lj. It is very frustrating.

I hate being an insomniac.

I hope my new wheelie backpack is helpful and that my tax return comes in soon.

Date: 2003-03-04 01:30 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hey, sorry you are having bouts of feeling crummy. I understand completely, and at least once a week get all low-blood-sugary. At least I assume it is that, haven't figured out how to use the glucose meters without putting in patient information to check how low I am! Go you for educating your friends to get you food/juice/sex to help you out.


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